What We Offer: Microcurrent

Microcurrent devices deliver a low electrical current (millionth of an ampere) to both detoxify and regenerate tissue. This technology was originally used in partial and totally blind patients, with macular degeneration and optic nerve atrophy, and shown to be effective in the majority of patients, to partially or greatly reverse the process of degeneration.  

Patients using microcurrent, as part of their overall program, can go from inability to distinguish color of shapes to being able to do so.  

Microcurrent has become a very important part of our practice, by showing us that most diseases are associated with a lack of energy. For example, a cancer cell has half the voltage of a normal cell. Studies have shown that when giving microcurrent, it increases the cancer cells’ voltage, and as a result, the cell becomes normal again.  

The same holds true with diseases that are associated with inflammation. The vicious cycle of inflammation and pollution of the body may be reversed by the healing cycle of microccurents, since it increases the voltage and detoxifies the cells. Microcurrents have also been associated with healing arthritis and ligament tears.  

This technique is commonly combined with PEMF and other intravenous modalities.  

A typical session lasts one hour