What We Offer: Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields


Pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF) can have beneficial effects in the human body that oral supplements and intravenous supplements cannot. Some of these effects include: reduction of inflammation, reduction of pain, acceleration of bone, cartilage and tissue healing, and an increment of cell permeability (nutrients in, toxins out). It also increases pluripotency stem cell production, which have been shown to regenerate tissue and reduce tumor cells.  

Typical conditions that may benefit from PEMF are: back, neck and shoulder pains and herniated discs and tumors. 

Most diseases have been associated with a decrease in the voltage or energy of the cells. PEMF can increase the voltage of the cells back towards normality and, therefore, towards a better health. 

A typical session may last 10 minutes for up to an hour; it has the ability to deliver a magnetism that can be felt in any part of the body.